Take The Pledge

Toxics Action Center calls on TruGreen ChemLawn, as the industry leader in pesticide-based lawn care services, to take immediate steps to protect the health and safety of children, families, and the environment from the dangers of their services. We demand that TruGreen ChemLawn:

  • Phase out the use of pesticides.
    TruGreen ChemLawn should immediately stop the use of those pesticides considered possible carcinogens by the USEPA and the IARC.
  • Disclose all ingredients in their pesticide products, including the so-called inert ingredients.
    TruGreen ChemLawn should educate consumers by readily providing information to its customers over the phone, in writing, and on its website about the health and environmental effects of its products. 
  • Offer a comprehensive organic lawn-care program that does not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
    TruGreen ChemLawn should require its applicators to pass an accredited organic lawn care program.
  • Protect workers while phasing out pesticides.
    Until phasing out the use of dangerous pesticides, TruGreen ChemLawn should provide adequate protective equipment to employees who apply its products and require companies that wash its uniforms to rpotect workers by handling the contaminated laundry separately.
  • Stop using children to market its products.
    TruGreen ChemLawn should not enter into any promotional campaign similar to its partnership with United States Youth Soccer Association, which encouraged families to hire TruGreen ChemLawn with promises of financial support for the town’s youth soccer league.

Refuse to Use ChemLawn and choose a lawn care program that is pesticide free and safe for our children, our pets and our environment.

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