About Toxic Action

Since 1987, Toxics Action Center has helped more than 500 neighborhood groups across New England fight toxic pollution in their communities. When dangerous industries are polluting our air and water, when toxic pesticides are threatening our children’s health, when unresponsive bureaucracies are slow to enforce our environmental laws, we are here to help citizens protect the health and safety of their communities.

Through our group consultations, expert referrals, networking opportunities, and information guides, Toxics Action Center will help you wage an effective campaign to protect the health and safety of your community.

Pesticide Watch and Pesticide Watch Education Fund are sister organizations dedicated to fighting dangerous pesticide use in California communities. For nearly a decade, Pesticide Watch and Pesticide Watch Education Fund have been providing California communities with the tools they need to protect themselves and the environment from the hazards of pesticides. Our staff provide a wide range of assistance for community groups and activists: Information about pesticides and the problems associated with pesticide use; Information about alternatives to pesticide use; Organizing and strategy assistance for successful local campaigns; Connections to other grassroots pesticide reform activists; and referrals to legal and technical experts

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